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Funded Projects Call 2015


 Thanks to the contribution of the Ice Bucket Challenge AriSLA Foundation has launched in 2015 two Calls for Projects, one dedicated to clinical projects and one opened to proposals of assistive technology. As in any Call launched by the Foundation, the winner projects have been selected following a thorough peer-review evaluation process of the submitted proposals. Peer-review is an evaluation method accredited in the international scientific community and based on the principles of transparency, scientific merit and impartiality.

The 2015 AriSLA “Ice Bucket Call for Clinical Projects” has been conceived to specifically fund Clinical Research within the following areas:

  1. Experimental clinical research (ie new therapies, palliative care);
  2. Observational clinical research (ie biomarkers, diagnostic and prognostic studies);
  3. Epidemiologic studies;
  4. National registries set-up.

33 project proposals have been submitted to the Clinical Call for Projects for a total economic value of 13,141,619.90 euro. 94 research groups have been involved. Moreover, AriSLA Foundation has provided a methodology support service to help researchers in design clinical trials.

The table below shows the distribution of the proposals in the different funding areas.

clinic 2015_en

The 2015 AriSLA “Ice Bucket Call for Assistive Technology Projects” has been conceived to specifically fund research within the following areas of intervention:

  1. Devices that improve maintaining mobility and patient independence. As an example:
  • Devices that improve motricity (i.e. standing, walking, brace for upper/lower limbs, …);
  • Devices for personal hygiene and dressing;
  1. Devices that improve communication and social activities. As an example:
  • New technological strategies that support patients communication throughout the progression of the disease;
  • Improved augmentative communication devices;
  • Domotic solutions for enhanced environmental control.


Subject eligible to participate to the Call are:

  1. partnerships composed by Italian-based non-profit (i.e. non-profit Universities and public or private Research Institutes, social enterprises, social cooperatives, etc.) and profit entities (the “Partnership”). The applicant of the Proposal should be the non-profit entity;
  2. innovative startup with social purpose (Law no. 221/2012).

In any case, the involvement in the Partnership or in the innovative startups with social purpose – as a partner, shareholder, member – of a “PRESIDIO ACCREDITATO PER LA DIAGNOSI, LA CERTIFICAZIONE E LE DEFINIZIONI TERAPEUTICHE PER LA SLA” (DM no. 279/2001) is mandatory.

To the Assistive Technology Call 21 project proposals have been submitted for a total of 5,027,453.73 euro economic demand. 76 research groups have been involved.

The table below shows the distribution of the proposals in the different funding areas.

tech 2015_eng

Four winner project have been selected, two from the Clinical Call and two from the Assistive Technology Call.

WINNER PROJECTS 2015: below the projects details.

Nr Title PI Value (euro) Type of Research Duration (months) PDF
1 RAP-ALS, Rapamycin (sirolimus) treatment for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Jessica Mandrioli, Nuovo Ospedale civile S. Agostino Estense di Modena 426.825,00 Clinical 24 icona_pdf
2 SCM-ALS, Spinal cord metabolism in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Gianmario Sambuceti, Università degli Studi di Genova 328.135,50  Clinical 24 icona_pdf
3 ALLSpeak, An Automatic Speech Recognition Android App for ALS patients Alberto Inuggi, Fondazione IIT 146.905,50 Assistive Technology 24 icona_pdf
4  ECO-ALS, Augmented Environment for Control in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Christian Lunetta, Centro clinico NEMO  192.650,00 Assistive Technology 24 icona_pdf




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