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2016 Call for Research Projects

Banner-Call-2016The “Call for Research Projects 2016” closed on 17 March 2016. 157 Letters of Intent (LOI) – of which 104 Pilot Grants and 53 Full Grants were submitted at the 9th Call for proposals launched by AriSLA Foundation to fund the excellence of scientific research on the SLA, for a total economic value of over 20 million euros.

The AriSLA 2016 Call aims were to:

  • advance the scientific and clinical knowledge on ALS, in order to optimize the transfer of research results to patients, to improve their quality of life and to introduce new therapeutic solutions;
  • promote the scientific excellence and collaboration among researchers at national level.

CALL CHARACTERISTICS – Researchers from Italian Universities and public and private non-profit research Institutes could submit a project proposal to the Call. Foreign companies and research organizations could participate only by co-funding.

The Call was not open only to researchers with a solid curriculum, but also to young people with a minimum of three years’ experience in the laboratory.

FUNDING AREAS – The 2016 AriSLA Call for Projects was open to “Full grants” – projects that develop promising areas of study based on solid background – and to “Pilot grants” – innovative studies aimed at consolidate their preliminary data. The invitation was to present proposals for Pilot grants in the field of Basic and Translational Research and proposals for Full grants in the field of Basic Research, Translational or Interventional Clinical Trials.

PROJECT DURATION AND BUDGET – “Pilot grants” could have a maximum duration of 12 months and request a budget of maximum of 60,000 euros. “Full grant” of basic and translational research could have a maximum duration of 36 months, asking for a maximum of 300,000 euros. Interventional clinical trial could have a maximum duration of 36 months, and request funding between € 400,000 and € 700,000 depending on the number of members participating in the multi-center Consortium.

EVALUATION PROCESS – Also for this Call 2016 AriSLA selection process in peer-review was done by the International Scientific Committee, composed of a panel of international experts who evaluated the projects anonymously, in a multi-step process to ensure transparency, objectivity and enhancement of scientific merit.

For information on funded projects: click here 

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