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AriSLA thanks President Melazzini and welcomes the new President

Thanks President Melazzini for the valuable effort in AriSLA
We wish Alberto Fontana good luck with his work at the head of the Foundation

Milan, March 1, 2016 – Mario Melazzini, recently appointed as the new AIFA President, leaves the head of AriSLA Foundation. The Foundation wants to extend a special thank you to the President Melazzini that, in recent years, thanks to his talent, action, persistence and determination allowed the achievement of extraordinary goals. With his precious work, promotion and support of scientific research of excellence on ALS have become concretely the cornerstones of the AriSLA action, which today represents one of the major players operating in Europe to support ALS research.
Consistently with the underway path, Alberto Fontana former Vice-President of the Foundation since 2008, from Tuesday, March 1, takes over the leadership of AriSLA. Fontana, born in Milan in 1971, has always actively worked within many associations, as AISLA Onlus, Famiglie SMA, UILDM, LEDHA, for the defense and promotion of the rights of people with disabilities, with particular attention to the implementation of activities focused on the real and concrete integration in the society. Fontana is the President of Fondazione Serena that manages the Nemo Clinical Center specialized in the treatment of neuromuscular diseases in Milan, Rome and Arenzano.

We wish Melazzini and Fontana good luck with their work.

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