AriSLA funded projects are sustained thanks to the valuable contribution of many people who believe in research and decide to donate on special occasions or moments of their life or in memory of a loved one who experienced the tragedy of ALS.

You can also support AriSLA research organizing local events that allow to spread the word about the importance of a regular support to the scientific research.

Liberal donations can be made by bank transfer to Fondazione Italiana di Ricerca per la SLA – Sclerosi Laterale Amiotrofica on the following accounts:

Banca Alpi Marittime – IBAN: IT53U0845001000000050112590;

Banca Prossima – IBAN: IT71E0335901600100000005190.

Or by:

Postal payment – account n. 3462023;

Paypal – by clicking on the botton “Donate now” on or at the following link